Assistant Video Editor

Los Angeles, California, United States | Video | Full-time


Assistant Video Editor, LA

RAICES is hiring an Assistant Editor (AE) for our video team. The AE will work across a range of videos to support post production and maintain good workflows. This will involve assisting with editing, creating subtitles on videos, graphic placement, archiving material and maintaining an organized footage archive, maintaining our equipment inventory, helping with music selection, and so forth. The AE will work closely with our Senior Post-Producer and will report to our Director Of Video.  We’re looking for someone who can bring a high level of technical expertise, a meticulous attention to detail to work efficiently and who can help our team push creative boundaries. This position is located in Los Angeles, CA. 

As a leading voice in the fight for immigrant rights, RAICES knows that creative filmmaking and opinionated journalism are powerful tools to challenge damaging narratives about immigration. We’re building a stellar creative team to produce innovative video content about our work and immigration issues that captures the public’s attention and support. Our videos are not limited to specific formats and can range from snappy updates on developing immigration news, graphic-heavy explainers, short documentaries about impacted individuals and RAICES’ staff, satirical pieces, celebrity advocacy montages, animations, field dispatches, narrative shorts, and live streaming, among others. On occasion, we may dig into longer-form and episodic work as well. 

RAICES is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost immigration legal services and education to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees in Texas. We actively advocate for these individuals and do whatever it takes to assist the immigrant community. With legal services, social programs, bond assistance, and an advocacy team focused on changing the narrative around immigration in this country, RAICES is operating on the national frontlines of the fight for immigration rights. 

Job Description:

  • Supports post production efforts across all RAICES videos - including leading edits and helping with videos that are cut by other editors and producers; 
  • Provides guidance to others in the team on editing best-practices and to assist with technical questions; 
  • Creates versions of videos for various social platforms, including captioning, and subtitling projects;
  • Digests footage, organizes it onto drives, and archives footage, projects, cuts, and final outputs;
  • Maintains RAID NAS arrays for footage, masters, and assets;
  • Maintains an organized photo archive of still-frame-grabs from video footage, and still-images captured during shoots;
  • Keeps track of licensed footage for rights management; and,
  • Creates English and Spanish captions for all videos.


  • Bachelor's degree preferred, in related field (e.g. communications, digital media, marketing);
  • Fluent in English and Spanish;
  • 3-5 years of experience in editing, production, digital video/journalism, and/or documentary filmmaking;.
  • Expertise across Adobe Creative Suite - particularly Premiere Pro for editing and After Effects for graphics;
  • Strong organizational skills to manage multiple fast-paced projects simultaneously; and, 
  • Demonstrates careful attention to detail/grammar to ensure polished video production.

Application Process:

Please provide a resume and a thoughtful cover letter that specifies why you want to work for RAICES and why you’d be a good fit for this position. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. 

RAICES is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or veteran status.