Senior Software Developer

Los Angeles, CA Full-time

Senior Software Developer
Los Angeles, CA

RAICES is looking for a senior software developer to join our technology team.  Join us as we develop new software applications for our clients, staff, and partners, and integrate existing tools to support our mission.   If you're excited about the power of software to compound the impact of non-profit organizations and its staff and supporters, if you want to build scalable, efficient, and maintainable single-page web applications, if you like advocating and championing digital technologies amongst your colleagues, and if you take personal ownership over your organization's digital presence, this is the job for you.

About our team: we develop on mac, we use agile/scrum methodologies, and we celebrate honesty, curiosity, learning, and empathy.  We do not judge tabs vs spaces.

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • With a team, coding custom web applications with TypeScript, Javascript, Node, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Angular 
  • Systems integrations
  • Mentoring Software Developers
  • Project Engineering and Devops
  • Web Application hosting infrastructure administration


  • 4 years of professional software development experience
  • Strong skills in Javascript
  • Strong skills in a typed language
  • Experience with a front-end framework or library like Backbone, Angular, React, Vue or Ember.
  • Experience with server side web application development
  • Experience with server side database schema design and query design
  • HTML and CSS
  • College degree
  • Completed coursework or certificate program in computer science or computer programming
  • Problem solving skills
  • Experience programming on a team
  • Self-education of new technologies
  • Ability to interview users and document requirements and solutions
  • Regular usage of command line tools
  • Touch typing
  • Git
  • Build tools: experience with a build tool like grunt, gulp, or webpack
  • Scss

Nice to have skills:

  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • Node
  • MySQL / SQL
  • Test-driven development
  • MVC
  • Single Page Applications
  • Shell scripting
  • Docker
  • Systems administration skills
  • agile/scrum
  • riak/mongodb/couchdb/redis

For those invited to interview, the interview will include, in addition to a typical interview conversation:  an in-person written test on basic computer programming, javascript, relational databases, and http, a couple of general problem-solving whiteboard exercises, and a keyboard test.

Submission Instructions:

Please provide a cover letter telling us:

  • What position you're applying for, in which city.
  • Why you want to work at RAICES?
  • Why you think you'd be a good fit for this position?
  • Why are you passionate about technology?

Please include your resume and cover letter in PDF format, and include your full name in the filenames for both.  Do not name your resume "resume.pdf"

RAICES is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or veteran status.